Choosing the right type of strapping tools

Are you in a business that requires bundling boxes of products together for shipment and/or storage? If you are, then you should make use of high-quality steel strapping, seals, and hand tools. Such equipment comes handy if you want to ensure the safety and security of your products. You won’t have to worry about them falling over which can also cause injuries to the people working in your production area or warehouse.

Indeed, strapping tools are a good investment for your business. But the thing is, how can you make sure that you are purchasing the right type? How can you identify the most efficient strapping tools that can make your daily operations a lot easier? Read on and learn more.

How to choose the right strapping tools

jhdhjd84In order for you to identify the right tools, it is necessary that you determine the nature of work that is involved in your business. Does it only involve boxes? Or do you also handle bulky and heavy items?

Take note that the materials used in strapping may differ. Some are meant for light items while the others are for heavy materials.

Here are the different kinds of strapping tools:

Handheld or manual sealers

If you are dealing with small but heavy items, then a handheld or manual sealer would be appropriate. Usually, they are made with steel or plastic, but it is highly recommended that you utilize the former as it is more durable and can provide a tighter grip or hold.


As the name suggests, this is a tool that can be used to apply or maintain tension. It could either be parallel or perpendicular. With that said, there are many possible applications for tensioners. It could be for bolts, belts, chains, electric fences, wires, and many others.

In general, this strapping method can be utilized when bundling poles or even rods and other simple bundling jobs.

What to choose?

hdhd74The type of strapping tool that you need really depends on the kind of task that you have in your daily business operation. If your company usually deals with heavy and large items, then you should consider investing in heavy-duty strapping tools. One important consideration that you have to make is the kind of material that the tool is made with. As much as possible, choose those that are steel or metal, so you know that they are durable and won’t break easily.

Luis Jones