Interpretation of bug and insect dreams

The average person spends one-third of their lives sleeping. And in that lifetime, there would be a total of around six years of it spent dreaming. That is more than two thousand days spent just enjoying your slumber and venturing into the realm of dreams. Dreams have existed for as long as humanity has been on this earth. They are inevitable. Almost everybody experiences it when they are fast asleep, even blind people dream. Everyone experiences different ones throughout their lifetime. One of the most common ones is dreaming of bugs and insects. There are a lot of interpretations surrounding this. Some say that it suggests that something is maybe bugging you or worrying you since they symbolize fears and anxieties. Some also say that it implies obsessions or strong emotional ties or even sexual thoughts. They all depend on what type of bug that was dreamt in your slumber. These various bugs and insects will help you clue in what might be your concern.


fnojewoh308A butterfly is a beautiful winged insect that has undergone a transformation from a mere caterpillar through metamorphosis. Just like the butterfly, you may be undergoing a transformation. It might also mean that you have a tendency to be flighty, jumping around to one thing after the other. Butterflies express creativity, longevity, spirituality, joy, and romance.


These insects that you find swarming around anything sweet in your day to day life usually signifies dissatisfaction towards your daily life. Ants are a metaphor for feeling antsy. Your concerns might be the feeling of neglect, insignificance, restlessness, or feeling too confined in structure or orderliness. On a positive note, they symbolize industry, hard work, and cooperation. This may mean you could expect improvement in things related to work.


kdjbfow492Dreaming of spiders can mean many things. They can be interpreted positively or negatively depending on the circumstances and situation of the spider and what you do to it. You can read a psychological analysis surrounding dreams involving spiders. Spiders represent a feminine power. It can mean an overbearing mother figure or a force that protects you from your destructive behavior. To see a dead spider means you overcame a powerful feminine temptation. Seeing a web-spinning spider means that you will be rewarded and recognized for your creativity, achievement, and your hard work.

Luis Jones