How To Install A Water Softener

A water softener system is a machine that is used to remove hardness from water. There are a lot of effects when using hard water. Water appliances get broken, skin gets rough, hair dries up, and clothes get dingy. These are some of the effects that are caused by hard water. And that is why most people need water softeners to prevent all these from happening. The best water softener is definitely a brand you’d want to go for. You also need to install your water softener properly for it to work.

It is importt2g3wedc6g273edcu82i292ant to note that when installing your water softener, the complexity of the process will be determined by the type of the softener. Therefore, it is essential to consider purchasing a water softener that is easier to use. There are various types of water softener, and therefore, you are required to choose the best that will meet all your specific requirements and needs. The following are some of the steps that will guide you to a successful water softener installation.

Choose the best location

When installing a water softener, you are required to choose the best place for your softener. You will have to decide whether to install it outdoors or indoors based on your requirements. What you need to ensure is that you place it in an area that is dry and a place where it is protected from the changes in the temperature. You should also ensure that you choose a suitable location that is near an electricity outlet. Once you have a suitable location, shut off your water supply and electric supply to start the installation.

Install the unit

After you have the best location, you are ready to install your water softener. When you start the installation process ensure that you have your water softener user and manual guide ready. The installation process will, therefore, depend on the brand. Ensure that you consider using the manual guide before the installation.

Add the softener and gravel resin

After the water softener is ready, you need to add the gravel into the mineral tank with the use of a funnel. Ensure that the gravel covers the screen. Now you can add the softener resin. Ensure that the resin is half of the tank. Also, you are required to ensure that the control valves are secure. Therefore, you need to move to the next step depending on the manual guide.

Install the bypass valve

The byptgv23edf6ch237ed82i2ass valve is to be connected to the water supply with the control valves secure. You are also required to ensure that the screws are fixed tightly to avoid any of the problems that may arise. Once you have connected the bypass valve, you can easily connect the water softener’s piping. Also, you can attach a plastic tube to the brine tank.

Put in salt and water

You are required to pour four gallons of water into the tank. Also, ensure that you pour forty pounds of sodium chloride immediately after you have poured water to the tank. Also, others prefer to use potassium chloride. The next step is to open water supply valve with both water and salt in the brine tank.

Luis Jones